Writers Consortium Resources

Resources listed on this page are to support persons interested in writing, research, and grant activities. The resources include our “pre-recorded narrated series” where scholars in and adjacent to the AMCD community pre-record short workshops on writing and research related topics. This page will also include reference materials that the AMCD community members have suggested or recommended as beneficial in a person’s academic journey. 

Writers’ Resource Corner!

Hear from the top researchers in the field in these 30-minute series!

On the 1st and 3rd of every month, you will have the opportunity to witness discussions on research and much more!


From the Writers’ Consortium co-chairs, Dr. Kaprea Johnson & Dr. S. Anandavalli

Titles Coming Soon!

Turning your Dissertation into a Publication

Autumn Cabell, Ph.D., LPC (IL), CCC, NCC

DePaul University