About AMCD

The Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development seeks to develop programs specifically to improve ethnic and racial empathy and understanding. Its activities are designed to advance and sustain personal growth and improve educational opportunities for members from diverse cultural backgrounds.

AMCD is charged with the responsibility of defending human and civil rights as prescribed by law. It encourages changing attitude and enhancing understanding of cultural diversity. Provisions are made for in-service and pre-service training for members and for others in the profession. Efforts are made to strengthen members professionally and enhance their ability to serve as behavioral change agents. Operationalization of Multicultural Counseling Competencies by AMCD represents a benchmark for the counseling profession and the American Counseling Association.


The mission of the organization, from its inception is to:

  • Recognize the human diversity and multicultural nature of our society;
  • To enhance the development, human rights and the psychological health of ethnic/racial populations and all people as critical to the social, educational, political, professional and personal reform in the United States and globally;
  • To identify and work to eliminate conditions which create barriers to the individual development of marginalized populations;
  • To develop, implement and/or foster interest in charitable, scientific and educational programs designed to further the interests of marginalized populations;
  • To secure equality and access of treatment, advancement, qualifications and status individuals and families in counseling, wellness and mental health work;
  • To publish a journal and other scientific educational and professional materials with the purpose of raising the standards of all who work in providing counseling, wellness and mental health.

Welcome Message from the President

Kim Lee Hughes, PhD

The theme for year 20 – 21 is:


When and Where I Enter:  Intersectional Leadership Across Regions, Class, and Classification.”

Only the Black Woman can say, “When and where I enter, in the quiet undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence and without suing or special patronage, then and there the whole race enters with me. 

~Anna Julia Cooper, 1892

We should search our history for the answers to these questions, which I believe will evoke the extraordinary will, spirit, and transformative vision that can reconnect us to loved ones, communities, and reform movements in revolutionary ways. I have learned that the faith in progress our forebearers taught was not only in terms of our status in society, but in our ability to gain increasing control of our own lives. 

~Paula Giddings, 1996 (104 years later)

Regions(Regional Representatives & Vice Presidents of Ethnic Concerns Groups)

  • The Grassroots of our organization are the communities of counselors we serve in states, which are connected through our regional reps
  • Regional Reps have an essential vote as elected officials in our division. Their voices should be incorporated as representatives for the nuanced issues of each region.
  • Regional Reps must work hand and glove with the Ethnic VPs to exalt the voices and experiences of our members.
  • Elected officials need to provide timely reports and updates to membership and maintain open lines of communication, which will be supported by the AMCD website & social media platforms.
  • All RR & VPS need to think outside of traditional ways of messaging and communicating with our membership.


  • Class issues will be discussed and incorporated into all interventions, programming, and products.
  • Ethnic concerns groups and regions where members have the greatest need will have committee support to creatively develop solutions.


  • AMCD will structure committees and campaigns to meet the needs of all members including graduate students, practitioners, professional educators, administrators, retirees and researchers. These initiatives will include but are not limited to the following:

Womanism Wednesdays

Self-Care Saturdays

The Writer’s Consortium

Mentorship Committee

Public Policy & Legislative Advocacy & Reform

Days of Service

Partnerships with AADA & ASGW

Longstanding Relationships with CSJ, SAIGE, & ACES  

A Grow Up Model of Leadership

A Virtual Leadership Institute

October 24 & 25th 2020

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