Statement of Solidarity

As our presidential year begins in 2018, we wanted to share with you a collective commitment to multiculturalism, diversity, advocacy, and social justice. 

Beginning about 19 months ago, we began having conversations about how our divisions can join forces and collaborate to serve our members and promote the mission of our divisions and ACA.  From these conversations, this inter-divisional presidential statement emerged.

We are dedicated to:

  1.   Joint webinars, once a quarter.
  2.   Joint advocacy statements.
  3.   Continued support for the task force addressing the “elephant in the room”.
  4.   Joint service days at ACA conferences and expositions.
  5.   Continued, collaborative and advanced support across divisions.
  6.   Strong presence in the field and the governing council as a whole to promote mutualinterests.
  7.   Promoting and implementing our division’s endorsed competencies through clinical professional practice and research.

It is our hope and presidential goals to promote unified support to our membership and clients who are experiencing oppression and marginalization related to political, social, and professional issues.

In our current divisive political and social climate, unity, respect and collaboration is needed now more than ever. As your presidents for 2018-2019, we provide this statement as our pledge to you that we will serve and lead in an equitable, inclusive and competent manner that is grounded in the mission of each of our divisions and ACA.

In Solidarity,

Leila Roach, PhD
Assoc. for Spiritual, Ethical, and
Religious Values in Counseling

Jared S. Rose, PhD
Assoc. of LGBT Issues in Counseling

Anna Flores Locke, PhD
Counselors for Social Justice

Shon Smith, EdD
Assoc. for Multicultural Counseling and Development

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